Examples of completed projects (system development)

Health profiling
Health profiling and -analysis based on health- and lab data, both on an individual and organizational level. Web/online.
Market analysis
Multiuser system for market analysis and -reporting of market shares globally, regionally and locally over time. Web/online.
Forecasts and trends
Forecasting and trend analysis; trying to predict the development of the market in the near future based on historical data and other parameters. Web/online.
Tenders and billing
Tender calculation and billing. Importing of product- and price lists from suppliers. Windows based.
AjourPad is a client/server system made for quick filling of forms and checklists on iPad. (can be used for safety inspections etc). Web + iOS/iPad app.
Confirmation monitoring
Attendance registration and monitoring of the confirmation participants. The participants use their own phones. Web/online.
Rateback: Basic online surveys with graphic elements. Quizzes and tests. Free and without ads. Web/online.
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